english guided gardentour with permacultural and climate protection practice

Dies ist eine vergangene Verantaltung

🌍 This is a special english speaking offer for non-german speakers, who want to learn to know our project and one of the last chances for that bevore we have to leave that area this autum.


Come in and learn more about the project and get a view into the practice of gardening, building, organization and much more in Peace of Land.

✍️ registration:

A binding registration for this event is necessary via email to StefanF (at) peaceof.land . Please only come if you have received a confirmation-email for your registration!

♾️ energie-rebalancing
We will be grateful about donation, for our costs of rent, energy, repairs and building up. Suggestion: 5 – 10 € per person.

🌿 Plants for sale:

There will be a selection of plants that you can buy for small budget of 1-5€ per plant.

woodruff, strawberry, chard, lemon balm, mexico mint, stone crop, hawkweed


🗺️ venue:
Peace of Land,
Am Weingarten 14,
10407 Berlin